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 Joulujen väliä - between old and new christmas party
27.12.2018 19:25 | Marska69

Many days has gone so old christmas. What if people had done things they waited? History had written other way. Tomorrow come, yesterday has gone and now is Thursday evening.

I was full of energy yesterday and after snowwork I went countrycrosssking to Aholahti. There were a real christmas land - snow, nature and feeling of free. After ski I took a ride to my younger daughter and before weekly sauna I did gym with 3 and 6 kg kettlebells. Evening final was to be in moovie to watch Juice in firstevening show. Life is life but if we can do what we like to do or/and where we are smart then happens more than life. Juice has so unbelievable skill to put on finnish words on songs/poems than same time it makes laugh and cry. Words, words, words… and many touches.

How lovely it would be to went a pub after cinema, but my both daughters waited for me. So it was over eleven in the evening when I walked with a dog in the city. I went home and still be here. What a nice I can do this Chistmas holiday? 

Junior MM hockey are started and unfortenately Finnish lions suffer loss. Good was one goal - lots of further games. Show the world where we come from with Finnish content. A puck on the ice and a fight to start...

This time only in english - let me look at what will be next!?! 


 - Marska69





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